Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Click 2 Win Contest

Hi Guys!

In my previous post i have shared with you sites where you can start to make money online. Now, i am inviting everyone to make more money and join my blog's first contest: Click 2 Win

What is Click 2 Win?

Click 2 Win is about clicking and viewing 4 ads daily. More ads you click on, the more chances of winning. You will just spare your 5 minutes time to view these ads.

The contest will run for one month. The person with the most number of clicks at the end of the contest duration will win a cash prize.

Here's what you need to do:

1. You need to have a Paypal account (FREE). If you don't have a Paypal account register here.

2. Register in Onbux through this link. When you register, be sure that your referrer is freemoneyonlin (note that it's freemoneyonlin without an e, not freemoneyonlinE).

3. Once you've registered send me your username at Use Click2Win as your subject. I need your username so i can monitor the number of clicks you've made. The email address you will use is where I would be sending Click2Win updates.

4. Start Clicking!

5. Visit Onbux every day and click on the ads under VIEW ADS tab. Note that ads are refreshed every 11am daily.

If you need more information on how to view ads, you can read my previous post. I have explained in detail how Onbux works.

As I've said, the person with the most number of clicks after the contest duration will win a cash prize. In the event that there is a tie. I will raffle the names in order to choose the winner. This is not a scam. Aside from vying for the cash prize, you are also earning for every click in your Onbux account. Onbux pays .01USD for every ad viewed.

The contest will start on February 1. Winner will be announced on March 1 2011.

The more people will join, the larger the cash will be. The winner will receive the cash prize in your bank account or in your paypal account.

This contest will continue every month.

The slots are limited so what are you waiting for

JOIN NOW! click click click!!